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Any item at SilkDenim can be made using your own personal jeans, transforming them into an even more meaningful and useful piece. Raid your closet, finally put those ill-fitting jeans to good use, give the well-loved pair a new life, or utilize that family's member's pile of forgotten jeans. It's an artistic collaboration between us, the transformer, and you, the memory-holder.

Send us 2 or more pairs of jeans for bags, 4-6 or more pairs for garments, and 6 or more for quilts. Expect 2-3 weeks for shipping after we receive your materials.

Do you want us to cut the garment an inch shorter? We can do that. Do you want us to create it an inch longer? We can do that. Don’t feel that our sizes will work for you in some way? We will alter any garment to your specifications. This is only possible when buying through our website. Please be prepared to give us these measurements when requesting special sizing: sleeve to sleeve edge, bust, hips, waist, & back waist length.

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